21 September 2010

War and Peace Progress





  1. just had to stop in and say, what an exciting life you've been living! at first when i saw the tree post, i thought - "WHY??!!!!" and then I saw the last picture. uh. huh. had to ask neighbors to do the same once cause it was that close on our property lines. felt like the sierra club would slam the door on me forever!

    enjoy W&P! i really love and keep going back to his shorter fiction. did you see "the last station"?

    oh and good luck with the creatures!

  2. I like the parenthetical/arrowedcomments on the characters. I suspect your more pithy version would outsell Cliffs notes.

  3. Wowzers!! You're doing a fabulous job getting through it!! I love the list of characters!

  4. Mlle: I keep following Passage Paradis with great interest but haven't had anything enlightening to say. I will try and step it up.

    Make Do and Read: It may outsell Cliff's notes, but one might have a harder time writing a report based on my arrows. But then again, I always found Cliff's notes kind of useless.

    Elise: Faster than I thought I would that is for sure.


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