14 September 2010

War and Peace Progress (with visual spoiler)

The good news is that I have really hit a groove with War and Peace and am enjoying it quite a bit. The bad news is that progress reports don't  make for very interesting posts. I am not the kind of person who can effectively (and entertainingly) write about books while I am in midstream. And since War and Peace is such a classic what could I really say about it anyway?  Don't get me wrong I will have some thoughts when I finish the whole thing but nothing so profound that I can stretch it out into weeks worth of posts.

I promise I will have something more interesting to blog about later in the week.

In the meantime if you are participating in Dovegreyreader Scribbles' read-a-along, you might not want to look at the second photo below.

The image below is a picture of the character tree that I mapped out poolside back in January when we were in Thailand. I was trying to wrap my brain around all the various characters and their associations. At this point I still ocassionally glance at the list of characters but it is getting easier to keep everyone straight.



  1. Ha, I love your character tree. I made a character reference sheet when I began W&P, but yours looks so much more organize and...understandable. :)

  2. Im planning on also doing this read-along once my kindle arrives. How are you finding all the names in the novel?

  3. Melody: I must admit I stopped working on the character tree when I started to get confused. I would probably do a better job now that I am a little more into the book.

    Jessica: Not too bad, but you definitely need some kind of cheat sheet to refer to now and again. I am not a fan of e-readers, it sure would be easier than trying to hold W&P.

  4. that would have helped - even for the abridged version :)


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