22 April 2010

Was Penelope Fitzgerald Sexist?

Today someone typed "was penelope fitzgerald sexist" into Google and they ended up on my blog. I have only read two of Fitzgerald's book, so I can't really answer that one.

Any thoughts from you Fitzgerald fans?


  1. haha - finding out what people googled to get to your blog can be englightening (and mortifying!) to say the least. Thanks for sharing this - made me laugh over my morning coffee :-)

  2. I have read four of her novels and did not see any sexism in her works-it is a bit funny at times to see the google searches that bring people to our blogs

  3. AD: I am glad you got a chuckle out of it. Google terms can really be funny and very weird.

    Mel: As I said I have only read two of them so far. Now that I have seen this search phrase, I will probably be looking for any signs of sexism in her work.

  4. Don't you wonder how people end up on your blog with such unusual inquiries? I just pulled The Blue Flower off my bookshelves, but realistically I don' have time to read it right now. I seem to be collecting her books in anticipation anyway!


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