11 April 2010

Sunday Painting: Bunny could talk... by Daphne Confar

Several years ago we were in Provincetown, Massachusetts when I stumbled on this postcard at the William Scott Gallery. I don't even recall if we saw any of Daphne Confar's works on display, but I was obviously taken with this image, and still am.

Doesn't she look like a character just waiting for a novel?

Bunny could talk on and on, but always listens to the wind


  1. If Ma Joad hadn't been horribly poor, I could picture her looking like this!

  2. Kathleen: I had to look up Ma Joad but now that I have, I think you are right. There is something about the style of the dress and the ample bosom that makes me think of a farmer's wife in the 1930s living out on the plains somewhere.

  3. Oh, that is so many possibilities for stories!

    And, as avid Postcrosser, I now want this postcards so much! (I would illustrate stories about my late great aunt Anni with this! Anni was such a character!)

    Thank you for sharing your find!


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