21 April 2010

Hats, oh marvellous hats

Elise over at Once, oh marvellous once wrote a post recently about an exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery on hats. This put me in mind of the exhibition "Hats and Handbags: accessories from the royal wardrobe" that I saw at Kensington Palace back in 2003.

I thought I would share with you all the cover of the exhibit catalog.



  1. That cover makes me wish that people regularly wore hats nowadays. I see men in hats now and then around D.C. and they usually look so dapper and cool.

    - Christy

  2. Oh look at that pink tulip-y one. Truly marvellous.

    I must tell Elise that if I still lived in Brisbane I would have loved to go!

  3. I used to wear hats all the time when I was younger - I just thought they made me look more mature. I don't think I ever see anyone wearing hats anymore - for shame. Hmmm. Perhaps I should start wearing them again. Great cover!

  4. What a lovely surprise for when I got home from work!! Thank you for the link and comment!! Those are some beautiful hats :)

  5. I love hats and agree that the world would be a better place if they were worn more often. My favourite on there is the purple one that looks like a satellite dish

    Thanks for posting


  6. A good stopping point: I have an enormous head so I look terrible in hats.

    Aimee: The tulip-y one was designed by Frederick Fox and worn by the Queen in 1977 during her Silver Jubilee festivities.

    Nadia: My fascination started in 1981 when Princess Diana came on the scene.

    Elise: Thank you for the inspiration.

    Hannah: I chuckled when I read how you described that hat. In fact, it is not a satellite dish, but an "Alice band" trimmed with feathers. The Queen wore it to the wedding of Prince Edward in 1999.

  7. I love those little side hats like the striped one on the bottom row, but I bet they wer a pain to keep on.

  8. Jodie: Except I don't think I have ever seen an instance where Her Majesty had a wardrobe malfunction.


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