21 March 2010

Sunday Painting: Chestnut Trees at Jas de Bouffan by Paul Cézanne

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This is kind of how DC looks right now, things on the ground are greening up and some of the early bloomers like the tulip magnolias are starting to bloom, but most of the trees are still sticks.

Chestnut Trees at Jas de Bouffan, 1885-86
Paul Cézanne, French, 1839-1906


  1. Looks like that around here, too (Northern VA). Some of the trees have a reddish blush from all their bud scales, and the ones in my front yard are about to burst into bloom! (I still don't know what kind of tree they are but mean to figure that out this year).

    Lovely painting. I never saw that particular Cezanne before.

  2. A perfect Spring painting :)

  3. Jeane: Of course things are really starting to bust out all over now.

    Art: I would love to walk down that lane.

    Claire: I have had this postcard for many years, it has adorned many a office cubicle over that time.


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