19 March 2010

Help me find Shakespeare (in paperback)

Does anyone know of a complete edition of Shakespeare's plays in paperback? I'm not talking about an omnibus edition, but rather one where each play is a separate paperback volume and they all have a uniform appearance?


  1. I just know there must be several out there and I'm certain you can buy most of them in second hand stores.

    Will you be reading the "new" Shakespeare?

  2. At university we read the Signet editions: annoted papaerbacks, with introductions and very affordable. This was in the 1980s, so I am not sure whether they are still around, but I definitely recommend them.

  3. Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but I like the Pelican Shakespeare series which are not exactly uniform in colour but are uniform in design. And Penguin still prints them so they should be easily obtainable.

  4. The Arden editions have always been the academic standard but can be a bit heavy with notes they should be available online I know the RSC have an online shop and I would expect them to stock those editions. I loath all those beautifull complete works editions, they look lovely but are unreadable because they are too bulky to actually carry around and read in comfort. Penguin to should have most if not all of the plays. Happy hunting.

  5. In university we used the Kiitteridge editions. Our professor, Douglas Le Pan was a poet with a strong sense for the reading of a line and felt these to be the best. I don't know how complete they are/were. I had all of the Signets at one time largely because they were cheap and covered every play. And there are the Harold Bloom ones which must be pretty good.

  6. Before I bought the omnibus editions I got a few of the Dover Thrift ones, so you could try them.

  7. CB: I am unfamiliar with the "new" Shakespeare.

    Anna: Signet is definitely the kind of thing I was thiking of, but for the life of me I couldn't think of that publisher, my mind went blank.

    Inkslinger: Uniform in design will do nicely. I will look into those.

    Book Pusher: I have never heard of Arden. Totally agree about the collections.

    Ralph Lake: If they still have the complete set I think I am leaning towards Signet.

    Stu: Dover Thrift, another good idea. I knew there would be lots of options out there, I just couldn't think of any of the possibilities when I started to look.

  8. The Folger Shakespeare Library is another option.


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