10 February 2010

Today Leontyne Price Turned 83

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Here is the diva in her early days. Sorry I don't have a date on this recording of "O Patrica Mia" from the opera Aida by Verdi.

In 1978 at the White House singing "Ride on, King Jesus"

Here she is in 1982 at age 55 singing "Chi il bel sogno" from Puccini's La Rondine.

And here she is in 2001 at age 74 singing God Bless America. I say God Bless Leontyne Price.

Would you believe most of her beautiful voice is still there in 2008 at age 81?


  1. ok. it's gorgeous. now i really have to invent my own virtual blizzard so i can have an excuse to sit down and listen to all your music clips properly. at least it's easier than keeping up with you in the reading dept.

  2. Inkslinger: She is such an amazing combination of power and beauty. Both singing and otherwise.

    Mlle Paradis: See, snow has multiple advantages.

  3. Wow. That's what comes to mind...just WOW!

  4. Fantastic! Leontyne Price enriches our lives with her talent. We are truly blessed.

  5. Leontyne Price was the soprano in the first record I bought, about 45 years ago. She was singing in Tosca, with Corena, Siepi and Di Stefano.I met Di Stefano three times before he died and while he was paralyzed after bandit attack in Kenya. I am working on a book on artists who loved Puccini. I cannot locate Siepi.... I would like to have Leontyne Price, she would be with other interviewed people as Zeani, Bumbry, Olivero, Cossotto, Jurinac,Lipp, Frazzoni, Ratti, Antonacci....who can help with her and Siepi?


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