03 February 2010

Dolly's the Best

Tiny bit of a delay at the beginning of this clip, but worth the wait. Dolly's voice is rivalled only by her wig in this clip from 1972.


  1. I. Love. Her. I saw her in concert a couple of years ago and she was amazing. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. That's a total classic. And some pretty great pickin' too!

  3. Cass: I have never seen her in concert. A few years ago here in DC she did a pretty small acoustic show. I would give anything to see that. I like her most unplugged.

    Lorin: I was going to use "Dolly Rocks" for my headline, but I wasn't sure if "rock" was appropriate given her country roots.

    Mlle: There are tons of these classic clips on youtube. I would like them in DVD form.

  4. True, but while"Dolly Countrys far better than any of ya'll" is true, its not quite as catchy. =)

  5. Well this one brings back some childhood memories for me. My dad used to watch Dolly Parton on the Porter Waggoner show back in the day!

  6. Lorin: You are exactly right. That wouldn't work very well.

    Kathleen: Same here, I grew up watching this stuff, I just forgot how big her hair was.


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