30 January 2010

Too much blogging, not enough reading...

Between posting all of the travel pictures and catching up on 194 (at last count) bookish blogs, and all of the fabulously bad TV waiting for me on TiVo, I have done very little reading lately. So this snowy weekend I plan to do some quality reading.

UPDATE: Mlle Paradis rightly points out that I didn't note the name or location of this wonderful bookstore. It is O'Gara & Wilson. It is in Chicago near the University of Chicago. If you take the EL out to the Museum of Science and Industry, when you are done at the museum cross under the EL tracks and you will not only find this gem of a store but there is also a branch of the famous Portland-based Powells on the same street.


  1. You're going to go off reading without telling us where this book joint with checkerboard floors and bison head is???!!!!!!!

  2. Enjoy the reading! I appreciate all the time spent uploading your travel pictures.

  3. Finding the right balance in life is a good thing. Take care and enjoy your reading.

    Aloha from Rob

  4. Mlle: You are so right. How could I leave out that important bit. It is O'Gara & Wilson in Chicago near the University of Chicago.

    JoAnn: I am glad you enjoyed the photos.

    Rob: Thanks Rob. I must admit the TV was on more than I wanted but I still finished two books and started a third.

  5. This photo reminds me of Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, MA. I love independent book stores and the used book section is always full of great finds. Good luck catching up!


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