20 January 2010

Asia Trip VI: The Faces of Bayon Temple

JANUARY 3, 2010: Bayon Temple was probably my favorite on our trip to Angkor Wat. There are faces everywhere. Sometimes if you think you are just looking at a hunk of stone, when you look more carefully you see a face.

Our Cambodian guide Siya bending his fingers back like the god in the carvings just above this picture.


  1. All the photos from your trip take my breath away. They are just stunning!! And probably the only way I'll see this part of the world...

  2. I agree with you that this temple was more interesting to me than Angkor Wat. I also liked the temple with the overgrown Banyan Trees. I think the reason is that Angkor Wat is so well known, and so well photographed, one's expectation is almost greater, and the heat and crowds do rather diminish that expectation. You took some great photographs.

  3. Columnist: Some of the mystery of Ta Prohm is lost due to crowds as well. Before we went there I had assumed it was some distance from the other temples, out in a remote location, and thus there would be fewer people. But it is kind of like Pompeii, once you get off the beaten path you can find some semblence of silence.

    John gets credit for most of the pictures.

  4. Really great photos. But that finger thing is a little freaky! My hands don't do that!

  5. Lorin: He could actually do stuff that was even weirder. This was the only one I got a picture of.


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