22 January 2010

Asia Trip 9: An Oasis of Calm in Bangkok

[You may notice I moved from Roman to Arabic numerals to number this series. I realized that at some point my brain or yours was going to melt trying to figure out the Roman numbering.]

JANUARY 5, 2010: On our first full day in Bangkok we headed off to Jim Thompson's house museum. Thompson was an American ex-pat and former spy who created a Thai silk company that introduced Thai silk into the mainstream of the American textile market. He also disappeared in 1967 and no one has a clue what happened to him. But his house and his company live on.

The house is an oasis of calm in a very busy part of Bangkok.


  1. Ooo, have you ever read The Secret Agent by Francine Mathews? It's a fictionalized account of this guy's disappearance. It would've been nice to have your pictures when I was reading it! :)
    All the pics are gorgeous, btw. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Susan in TX

  2. Susan: Since no one knows much of anything about his disapperance, fiction would be the only way to achieve closure...I am going to have to hunt down that book.


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