24 January 2010

Asia Trip 17: Fast Food Fun in Asia

Ronald seems to have assimilated Thai culture quite well. And no, we didn't eat at McDonalds.

Can someone explain what all of these words have to do with each other?  Salsa, steak, spaghetti, peppericious...

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Dairy Queen. Imagine my surprise when I saw a DQ at the airport in Bangkok. But I was really surprised when I saw one at the tiny airport in Siem Reap (shown below). By the time I saw one in the big mall near our hotel in Bangkok (last picture) I was no longer surprised but did find myself lining up to get me a cone. It was a "large" cone but it was smaller than even the smallest cone in the U.S. Maybe that is why Thai people are thin and Americans are not.

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