19 December 2009

Yes, but what will I read on vacation?

Fourteen hours from DC to Tokyo. Seven hours from Tokyo to Bangkok. Sixteen days or so in Asia, including seven on a beach, then another 21 hours to get home. Not to mention all the time in airports.

I need some books to read.

Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace - Since meaty books like The Mill on the Floss and Portrait of a Lady worked well for me traveling this summer I thought, what could be meatier than finishinng the final 1,256 pages of War and Peace (I'm only a hundred pages in)?

Beryl Bainbridge: A Weekend with Claude - Close readers of my porch will know that I took this one to France this summer and didn't read it.

Colette: Cheri and the Last of Cheri - This is another one I took to France this summer and didn't read. I liked Colette's The Ripening Seed. I hope I like this one. I recently saw the flim Cheri with Michelle Pfeiffer and I hated it.

Marge Piercy: Gone to Soldiers - I like Piercy a lot and the one I took with me this summer was about the same time and provided many enjoyable hours reading while John was in bed with a rumbly tummy.

William Haggard: The Arena - I generally don't read crime fiction, but finding this green covered Penguin tempted me.

Kate Chopin: The Awakening - A classic just waiting to be read.

I tabbed the reference materials so I could keep track of what is going on.

I know my audience, you need to see covers. With the exception of Tolstoy and the green Penguin and possibly the Chopin, the rest will stay in Asia as I finsh them.


  1. Ooh, when do you leave?! Have an AMAZING time (as I am sure you will).

    I adore The Awakening and read Cheri earlier this year and intend to read The Last of Cheri early '10; I love Colette's writing.

    Gone to Soldiers is a book that I've had on my shelves unread for some time and would love a push into reading it - look forward (hopefully) to your thoughts.

  2. 16 days? I think you'll need more books Thomas!

  3. Thomas, you know us so well. We do love covers. I think you picked some good ones here and I am very impressed with your packing skills. I am a horrible packer. I pack for every possible scenario and you know how that ends up.

    I just bought The Awakening and I plan to read it very soon.

  4. I love the traveller's leaving of books and perhaps picking up one or two in their place - I did the same in Greece this year!

  5. Have an amazing time away you lucky lucky things.

    Great selection of books. Though being the worrier that I am, I would be concerned about hating the Tolstoy (I know, I know no one should hate him but just in case) and then lugging that all around the world.

    I am so jealous of your trip. Good thing is there are book swap shops, Novel Insights is the girl to ask she made use fo them earlier this year!

  6. Paperback: We go at the new year.

    LitStew: Always worry I won't have the *right* thiing to read.

    Ti: I hope I found the right combo.

    Mary: I do too. I have found a few good ones that way.

    Simon S: I am far enough into W&P to know that I will be happy with it. Plus I liked Anna K. I am unfamiliar with the swap shops.

  7. "War and Peace" is great. Really. I know it's long, I know sometimes Tolstoy's philosophical chapters (once every about 100 pages...) get obnoxious, but it really is a classic for a reason. I hope you enjoy the books (and the vacation!).


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