20 December 2009

Sunday Painting: William J. McCloskey

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This wonderful still life reminded me of two things. The first being the tradtion of oranges at Christmas. Sometimes the only time of year that one could afford such an exotic item. Even though we got plenty of other things at the holiday, and plenty of citrus fruit any time of the year, I remember that as children our stockings often had oranges in them.

And second I think of that wonderful scene in the BBC's adaptation of Cranford where they all go off to their rooms to eat their oranges because Eileen Atkins' character finds the process a little too suggestive to be shared with others.

Oranges in Tissue Paper, ca. 1890
William J. McCloskey, American 1859-1941


  1. The Cranford reference is interesting. I really must read that book.

  2. The painting made me inhale sharply - it is divine - might need to recreate it in a photo!

  3. Perfect. We have a new Cranford being aired this Christmas. Are these images free to use? I ran into some copyright problems with my usual source.

  4. Ti: I haven't read it myself. But I did love the BBC drama.

    Mary: It's wonderful isn't it.

    Lucille: I give credit and I don't make any money on them. So, unless I get a cease and desist from someone's lawyer, I figure they might actually like the exposure.

  5. Yes that's rather what I thought. Bridgeman art library thought differently! I am very miffed.


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