12 December 2009

Great photo. Now if I could only remember where I found it.

I came across this photo on someone's blog and loved it so much I copied it to my desktop. Problem is, I don't remember where I found it. Does it look familiar to you? Is it yours?


  1. Nope. Not mine. I can see why you like it though.

  2. I love it too, but sorry I can't help you to find the originator...LOL

  3. I agree that it's a great photo - so evocative!

  4. I'd love to say it is mine, but alas, it isn't.

    Neither is the one I "stole" from you yesterday: Cockaigne. I'm thinking you'll say that again one day, on my blog, giving credit of course to the painter. Thanks for showing us that dinner table carnage, by the way. I love it!


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