28 December 2009

Goodbye (and Good Riddance) to the Ought Naughts

A few years ago, my husband named this excrescence of a decade the “ought naughts”. As in, the naught years ought not to have happened. Here is the decade as I see it:
  • Ralph Nader and George Bush convinced gullible Americans that Bush and Al Gore were, for all intents and purposes, the same person.
  • From day one the Bush administration rolled back as many environmental regulations as it could.
  • September 11, 2001.
  • The Bush/Cheney response to 9/11. As much as I couldn’t stand him, I fully supported the President in the wake of 9/11. Until he took the good will of the entire country and most of the world and threw it out the window. What a fool.
  • Iraq. Even if you still believe all of the lies (and lies, and lies, and more lies) that got us into Iraq, couldn’t we have at least depended on the Bush administration to carry out the war in the most efficient, effective way possible? Apparently not.
  • Hurricane Katrina.
  • Gays. Apparently gays are the worst thing that has happened to America. Bush and company used gay marriage as the wedge issue of the decade. In the 2004 Presidential election gay marriage was on the ballot in 11 states, for no other reason than to bring out the religious right in droves to give Bush a second term, um I mean to save our country from the scourge of gay marriage.
  • Tax cuts, tax cuts, and more tax cuts while we were fighting two wars.
  • Worldcom, Enron, AIG, Bernie Madoff, etc. Greedy bastards need sound regulation. I’m talking to you Goldman, Citi and B of A. Too big to fail eventually will. Plenty of bipartisan blame for the malfeasance of corporate America. The only difference between lobbying and a bribe is that one is legal.
  • Ten years of almost no action in the US to reduce carbon emissions.
  • And special thanks to Fox News, Karl Rove, and Sarah Palin and others for reducing political discourse to a largely disingenuous binary choice between what they think is right and everything else. Facts? Who needs ‘em. There are plenty of political hacks on the left as well but they don’t even come close to having as nefarious and far reaching impact as these bozos.
Is President Obama doing everything right? Not by a long shot. Is he doing his best to undo 10 years of ridiculous policy? IMHO, yes.


  1. The Bush administration was one, big ought naught. A cluster-f*&# if you will. Seeing this pic of Bush brought out my potty mouth. So sorry.

  2. Ti: I'm sorry I provided the picture that induced the cursing.

  3. Look forward to discussing this further in person, when you visit the Land of Smiles next week.

  4. I second this and so does my husband. :-)

    Happy New Year, Thomas!

  5. I see you have missed Junot Diaz' The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, or perhaps it didn't get into your list. It's a must read.

  6. Mel: Thanks.

    Columnist: Should be fun tonight.

    Lezlie: Yay Minnesota. How Michele Bachman comes from my progressive home-state is a mystery.

    Ralph: I have never read anything by Junot Diaz. I will have to look into it.

  7. Thomas ~ We are mystified by that very thing almost daily. :-)



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