28 December 2009

Books You Can Live Without (!?)

Here is a great feature in the New York Times about getting rid of books.


  1. This was such an interesting article; thanks Tom

    I'm assuming you'll be getting rid of many of your books now...LOL

  2. Diane: I am still in the vanity phase. I have many books therefore I am.

  3. Thomas I know you would be surprised, but Amy Tan "Bone Setter's Daughter"..yes I have read and I loved, I see it among the pile of many.


    (I only did ^^^that so you can laugh, never again shall I sign in such a way)

  4. Dear Mallory in Phoenix:

    Thank you for your considerate comment on my blog post.

    Did you enjoy the Bone Setter's Daughter? I actually haven't read it myself. The photo is from the New York Times.

    You might be surprised to know that I have a niece in Phoenix and her name is Mallory as well.

    Best wishes for 2010,


  5. Great article! I just culled about 40 from my shelves and it was painful!

  6. Tara: Since we hope to move into a house with more space in 2010, I am not getting rid of anything these days. Until I know how many miles of shelves I get in the new place, they are all staying put, huge stacks be damned.


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