15 November 2009

Sunday Painting: Four More by Jon Schueler

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This week for Sunday Painting, I chose four more works by American Abstract Expressionist Jon Schueler. Even though my first post also featured his work, the Sunday Painting feature won't always be about Jon Schueler--I will branch out at some point. The images are just so striking that I couldn't resist sharing.

He was a prolific painter and these images don't even begin to scratch the surface.

The Sea and Yellow Sky, Clamart 1958
Copyright: Estate of Jon Schueler

Snow Cloud Over the Sound of Sleat, New York 1959
Copyright: Estate of Jon Schueler

The First Snow Cloud, Mallaig Vaig 1958
Copyright: The Estate of Jon Schueler

Forgotten Blues II, 1981
Copyright: Estate of Jon Schueler


  1. they are all beautiful with great use of colours to create atmosphere

  2. painting #1 relaxes me - whereas #2 makes me a little nervous.

    #3...that makes me feel angry.

    #4 is the calm after the storm.

    i love each one for the different emotions...beautiful.

  3. I'm not a huge fan of abstract art, probably because I don't get it and I'm stuck in an Impressionist box, but the paintings you showed are very interesting. I can only imagine them in real life with the power and intensity they portray. In some ways, they reminded me of Cy Twombly's exhibit which I saw this summer at the Art Institute. Who knows, maybe some day I'll learn to fully appreciate this stuff. ;)

  4. um, in rereading my comment? It comes across in a totally wrong way from what I meant. What I meant was, "I think the paintings you posted are inspiring. I wish I understood abstract art better because it's very powerful."

    I shouldn't type in comments while I'm trying to teach my students at the same time, eh?

  5. Elise: Thanks for stopping by. Some of his work uses very little color and manages to create just as much atmosphere.

    Dartemel: You could rotate them based on how you are feeling. That way the people around you would know your mood.

    Dolce: I think your meaning came through in the first comment. But I can understand wanting to make something clearer.


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