17 October 2009

Pannekoeken in the Huis

On the drive back from Peit Oudolf's garden we stopped at a Pannekoeken Huis in the little town of Hummelo (actually I think it was in Doesburg or something like that, it was near Hummelo.) Had one with Ham and Cheese and then for dessert I had one with Bananas, Chocolate, Whipped Cream, and Ice Cream. Believe it or not I didn't finish the whole thing.


  1. You brought back memories of a tomato and cheese one I had in Leersum...so yummy. That dessert one looks delish. Did you get to try poffertjes?

  2. You know, our friends kept telling us we needed to try the pofferjes, but we never ran across them. They sound yummy. And yes, the dessert one was delicious.


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