28 October 2009

Open Letter to the Democratic National Committee

Dear Bozo:

Yesterday I got a call from a professional fundraiser asking me to open my wallet and make a donation to the DNC. In the past I have gladly done just that. I have given money to the DNC, the fundraising arms of both the House and Senate Democrats, Democratic candidates for President, and even money to Democratic candidates for Congress in districts where I don’t even live. And I have traveled to Pennsylvania, Ohio and southern Virginia to knock on doors for Democratic Presidential nominees.

But yesterday I refused to heed the clarion call for donations to help save the country from whatever the Republicans have in mind. And you know why? Because no amount of “grassroots” money from citizens will ever be enough to get the duly elected Democrats in Congress to pay attention to something other than their own egos and their allegiance to the corporate money that keeps them in office. How does my $25 or $250 or even $2,500 stack up against the pile of money that big business funnels into the political system? If you get my personal check will Senator Dodd pick up the phone when I call to tell him that he is handing big banks everything they want while passing along all the risk to me? If I take a couple days of salary and send it to the DNC will Senator Baucus let me write health care legislation instead of his seven former staffers who now work for health industry lobbyists?

And don’t even get me started on the ethics-challenged Congressman Rangel keeping his committee chair.

Maybe, just once, Democrats could lend meaningful support to a Democratic President, the leader of their party. But it seems like too many Democrats in Congress want to relive the glory days of 1994 when they assisted the Republicans in neutering another Democratic President.

I am not saying you will never get money from me again, after all I do think that Democratic crooks are a better option than Republican crooks. But for now I’d like to see Democrats begin to pay back the Americans who delivered them majorities in both houses of Congress.

Love,  Thomas

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  1. Your letter is right on. I wish I could express it like this, but when I try, I get too angry.

    Ernie in Peoria

  2. OMG....You just said what I've been thinking. We've donated in the past to the DNC, but after watching the circus that has been going on regarding Health Care, we are fed up with ALL of them. Things will never change because they all have their hands in the pockets of special interest groups. (I'm not working and pay almost $600/mth for healthcare fore me--I was hoping hoping with this administration that would change, but now I am highly doubting that. DISGUSTING ~~All of them! (and don't get me started on the Republicans).

  3. Thanks Dad.

    Diane: When I first started MyPorch, the political rant was one of my specialties. Living in Washington with a husband in a public policy related job, I am a little too close to the action and I am trying not to pay as much attention to politics--at least on a daily basis. It helps me keep the rage down to a minimum.

  4. remember the year we voted Senator Wellstone in? i miss him...

    (not sure why your post made me think of that?)

  5. Yes, Julie I do remember that. I miss him as well and wish we had more like him in the Senate. But I think both the current Minnesota Senators are doing Wellstone proud.


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