06 October 2009

LIve Blogging the Bookers?!

I am traveling right now in a non-English speaking land watching the Booker Prize award ceremony being televised live on the BBC. This is astounding to me. I didn't know they did this. In the US you are lucky to read about a book prize in the newspaper let alone see it on TV. But the Brits cover it live!

Hilary Mantel won.

See y'all later. No doubt there will be big parties, burning cars in the streets, babies conceived in drunken revelry...


  1. I made a big Booker display in my library! I wanted Sarah Waters to win though. :(

  2. I tend to only read Bookers after the fact. It will probably be a year or two before I get to any of this year's crop. Meanwhile Penelope Lively's Moon Tiger (winner in 87 mabye) is high on TBR list. In my opinion even among shortlists there is wheat and there is chaff.


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