22 October 2009

Den Haag: The mean streets of The Hague

Our friends Ron and Barry live in Den Haag (The Hague) in the The Netherlands. Ron is a Canadian who I met when I was working in London in 1992. Being an American, I could work in England for 6 months, being a Canadian with British grandparents, Ron stayed forever. Or at least until he and Barry (who hails from South Africa) moved to Den Haag about a year ago.

I had only been to The Netherlands once before. It was a sunny weekend in March of 1995 and I only saw Amsterdam. So it was nice on this trip to see something in addition to Amsterdam. I still  want to go to Delft and Haarlam and a few other places, but Den Haag was a great place to start. I think it is a totally charming city and their neighorhood in the old part of town is just surrounded by musuems, shops and restaurants and is just a cobblestone's throw from the Parliament. And it was nice and quiet. I could live here.

Our pictures are a little lackluster, but here they are.


  1. Wow, the place is just beautiful. Must be really nice to live there.

  2. It reminds me quite a bit of Denmark. Lovely.


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