16 August 2009

Sunday Morning

Boy am I glad I am done blogging about that 40 by 40 list. Hope it isn't as tedious to read as it was to write.

We are about to head off to "Julie & Julia." I loved the book based on the blog, and I loved watching Julia Child as a kid, and I LOVE going to the Julia Child kitchen at the Smithsonian. I am not sure I like Streep's Julia voice from the trailers, but the film has gotten good reviews so I will reserve my judgement.

I took this photo about 4 years ago on a sunny Sunday morning in London. This fabulous stack of scones was taken in the Orangerie at Kensington Palace. A really wonderful and comfortable place to sit with friends. I am very proud of this picture, I think the lighting is just perfect. Unfortunately, this was taken before I had a digital camera and the only copy I have is this well worn one that has been tacked above various desks over the years, so it doesn't scan very well. Looks better in person. Maybe I still have the negative somewhere.


  1. It is a lovely photo whatever the wear and tear. I have some similarly prized photos from the food hall at Harrods - the most over-priced but irresistible place to assemble a hamper.

    Am also a frequent visitor to Julia's kitchen. Just pop in from time to time to see the pegboard.

    Have not visited your porch before so I am off to check out this series you just wrapped up. Love this idea.

  2. It is still quite a beautiful picture. I worried about Streep overdoing her voice and thought it might grate on my nerves but she did such a magnificent job.

  3. you sure have a pile of memories. It is so great that you share them with the rest of the world.

    forty years ago it was a really hot day in Mn. Said I'd never have another child in Aug. and I didn't. Just remember this big blue mumu dress that i had made and my brown sandals had stretched way out from my swollen feet. That is my memory. Anyway Happy 40th tomorrow. Love you lots

  4. Photoshop, dear heart!


  5. I would love Photoshop, but the price...yikes.

  6. Great shot! Ah, Kensington Palace... I'm so obsessed with London. I'd have loved to be there, too!

    Hope you enjoyed "Julie & Julia" -- I really did! I walked out feeling very positive and uplifted... especially as a blogger. :)

  7. I did enjoy Julie and Julia a lot. Although I am amazed at the number of people who were put of by Julie's whining narcissim. I didn't feel that way at all.

  8. Laughing. Of course we do not find Julie's narcissism grating. We're bloggers. At least a small part of all of us gets narcissism. I liked the book, but loved the movie. Part Meryl love and part Julia love. My Life in Paris present in the film.

  9. Do you still love the biscuits with the flakey orange bits?


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