15 August 2009

40 by 40 Update: #34 Have a Vegetable Garden

(Back in May of 2007 I noticed that a bunch of people in the blogosphere had created lists of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I was intrigued by the notion but felt I needed to change the parameters. So I created my 40 by 40 list. 40 things I wanted to do before I turned 40. Well on August 17th I turn 40, and I need to give $10 to charity for every uncompleted item. So it is time to see how I did.)

34. Have a vegetable garden - NOT COMPLETED
Running Tally: $150.00 to charity.

This one is directly tied to owning a home, and since that didn't happen, neither did the vegetable garden. Next year at this time, however, I plan to be up to my ears in excess produce. (You will note that my interest in a Victory Garden predates Michelle Obama's White House garden. I can't say she got the idea from me, but I love her for doing it.)

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