08 July 2009

Sarah Palin

Well I may be a day late and dollar short chiming in on the Sarah Palin meltdown, but I won't let my tardiness stop me from putting in my two cents.

Most criticism of Sarah Palin has nothing to do with her gender or her working class credentials. Some commentators, bloggers, journalists, etc. may use language that references (or even denigrates) these things, but the fundamental fact is that the woman chooses to be willfully ignorant. It is not that she is dumb. It is not that she has a less than stellar academic background. It is not even the fact that her resume is thin. It is the fact that she refuses, usually in the cause of being folksy, to learn anything about the world or any facet of the political world that she appears to want to be a part of. I am not saying that she is ever going to take a position that I agree with, but she could, at the very least, try to sound like she knows what she is talking about.

Anyone in the political world who says that she still has, or should have, a political future is either a liar or an idiot. Palin was a political candidate for national office and had the potential to be one heart beat away from being president, yet she was so very unprepared to assume that role. The major thing the McCain-Palin camp kept touting was her experience as the chief executive of the State of Alaska. You can argue about what that qualifies her to do, BUT SHE COULDN'T EVEN HANDLE THAT! All of her BS about Obama's lack of experience and she won't even be able to point to her own record as a successful governor of Alaska. She couldn't get through one single term in office. It doesn't matter why she quit. The fact is she quit. So now she can say she was a successful Mayor of Wasilla and a failed, not even one-term governor of Alaska.

Palin has no problem slinging mud and stoking gut-level, intense hatred toward Obama, yet her skin is so thin she can't handle the name calling headed her direction. Has the name calling been mean-spirited? Yes, but it is not worse, and even seems far less vitriolic than the venom spewed at her campaign rallies and the tea-bag parties against Obama.

And then there are all the crazy rumours about Palin, her family, and alleged misdeeds in office. Do these accusations even approach the same level as the ones thrown at then First Lady Hillary Clinton? After all she was the lesbian killer of Vince Foster. And of course the $50 million dollars Ken Starr spent to prove that Bill was an adulterer. But then the ignorant idiot Palin thinks that the President's "Department of Law" is there to deal with spurious charges. Does she not know that the Clintons and members of their staff spent millions of dollars to defend themselves over a slew of investigations (some appropriate, some not)? And even if Palin is going to be ignorant of that fact, do you think that she could at least know that there is no such thing as the Department of Law? In her vast, supposedly brilliant brain, could she not have picked up somewhere along the way that there is White House Counsel, there is the Attorney General, there is the Department of Justice, but no such damn thing as the Department of Law! Is this just her trying to be folksy again?

I hope she does run in 2012. Idiot.


  1. Do you feel better now?

    Ernie in Peoria

  2. "She can hunt wolves from the air and field-dress a moose, but she fears being a lame duck?"

    From the NYT article by Maureen Dowd.




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