06 May 2009

Wingnuttery and The Future of the Supreme Court

I love all of the talk of Supreme Court Justice David Souter's replacement. No doubt the wingnuts on the right and the left are going to be upset President's choice. The left will be upset because the President will not choose a candidate who they think is progressive enough. (I will be upset if he doesn't choose a woman. There are plenty of good candidates to choose from. To not do so would be bad news.) And the right will be upset because they will be upset with anyone to the left of the rather conservative Chief Justice Roberts.

This is particularly galling (and fascinating) because even the most liberal member of the current Court, Justice Stevens, is not even close to being as extreme as the conservative justices on the court, and as the wingnuts on the right would have you believe.

This chart from Saturday's New York Times really tells the story. You can see that Stevens, the most liberal member of the current court is slightly further away from the "center" than Roberts and Alito. More importantly, you can see how amazingly far Justice Thomas, and to a lesser extent, Justice Scalia are on the conservative end. The court is currently stacked to the right. Why in the world shouldn't Obama be allowed to add some balance?

And for those of you who haven't noticed, and who appreciate a good chart, check out my new blog Bad Chart!

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  1. You DO love a chart! I guess you have been busy with this...I missed you! :(


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