13 February 2009

Hey Republicans

1. Remember when George W. Bush got less than the majority vote in 2000 and came into office acting as if he had a mandate to swing the country to the far right?

2. Remember when George W. Bush said virtually nothing about Social Security in the 2004 campaign, but then came into office and acted like the only reason he was elected was to privatize Social Security?

So why now, when we have a President who is following through on promises and a philosophy that got him elected by a very healthy margin and who picked up at least 6 red states, do you all act like he owes something to Republican ideology? And why do you take such pride in rejecting his attempts to include you and your ideas? Perhaps more importantly why do you think that bipartisanship means you get everything you want? I guess just like George W. Bush, you believe that your positions are so correct and righteous that it doesn't matter what the electorate believes and who they vote into office. You are just right, all the time. Never an ounce of doubt or humility. Just right. Always right, never wrong. Right, right, right.

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  1. How right you are.

    Now what do we do? We, all of us, need to start a calling, letter writing campaign telling our representatives and senators what that this is the way we feel. Especially those of us that have Republican representatives and senators.
    Ernie in Peoria


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