07 February 2009

Andrew Card is an Idiot

In his infinite stupidity Andrew Card has decided that the most pressing issue of the moment is that President Obama has been working in the Oval Office without a suit jacket. Apparently in Bush's time NO ONE was EVER allowed in the Oval Office without a jacket. I really don't need to comment further. Any sane individual will realize that the decisions made in the Oval Office are of far greater impact to all of us than what the President was wearing when when the decision was made.

Plus which of you out there reading this actually works with a suit jacket on? Isn't it almost universally the case that you get into your office, take your jacket off, and get down to work. You may put it on again for a meeting in the conference room, or out to lunch with clients, or when giving a speech, or...you get the picture.

You may remember idiot Card being loudly and enthusiastically booed at UMass Amherst. For those you who haven't seen the video you can check it out here or in the YouTube clip below.

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