26 January 2009

Jane, stop this crazy thing!

I feel like George Jetsen on the treadmill that won't stop. Except instead of getting a great cardio workout like George did, I am just wasting time filling my head full of all kinds of political gossip and overhyped prognostications. I seem incapable of staying away from the The Huffington Post, Politico, and other news and political websites. I love keeping up to the minute on what is going on politically in Washington, but there comes a time when it feels like enough is enough. In the lead up to an election, there is no keeping me away. I get totally caught up in the frenzy, with breath held and fingers crossed that the results will go my way. But with that all over for a while it would be nice if I could step away from it.

Of course this will be extra tough at the moment with all of the excitement of President Obama. Like so many Americans I am so hopeful at the moment and frankly a little (okay a lot) in love with the whole Obama family. I can't get enough of the photos of the first family. It is refreshing to have a young, hip family in the White House who actually seem to be excited about being a part of DC the community and not just DC the company town. I love Barack for all of the obvious reasons (you know the ones that got him elected), I love Michelle because she is down to earth and sharp as tacks, I love Malia because she has such poise and curiosity about everything going on, I love Sasha because she seems like a little firecracker ready to surprise at any moment (who can forget her grabbing the microphone in Denver calling out "Hello Girardo family" to the folks on the big screen), and I love Michelle's mom, Mrs Robinson, seemingly unflappable and always at the ready to dispense love, wisdom, or discipline as they are called for. If I seem a little over the top, I don't care. This is my moment to be in love with my country, my president, and my new neighbors just down 16th Street.

As much as I want to keep up with the Obamas as they settle into their new roles, I really don't think I need to constantly comb the political blogs for tidbits on which member of Congress is whining about some perceived slight and all of the other minutiae to be found online. Nor do I need at this moment to read the endless blathering prognostications of how great or how awful this administration is going to be. I would just like to let them do their jobs for a bit before I start reading about the 2012 election.

My problem is that I don't seem to be able to do anything in moderation. So checking out these sites once a day doesn't really work for me. As soon as I peek at them, I get sucked right back in and next thing I know an hour is gone. Maybe I will try being a typical American for a while and only get my political news from the mainstream media. Although the thought of watching the nightly news is too awful to contemplate. Maybe the The Newshour on PBS, that might work. Or maybe I just need to go cold turkey and get my news from Jon Stewart.

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  1. You could try getting your news from NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - some weeks when I need to unplug, that makes a nice light update.


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