30 October 2008

The Obama Informercial

I was one of the 29 million people who watched Obama's 30 minute advertisement last night. I thought it was thoughtful, appropriately emotional, and really well done. It also showed yet again the huge chasm between Obama's vision for what our country can be and John McCain's inability to express any vision of the future (good or bad). McCain has no message other than his (failing) messages desparately trying to make Obama look as scarey as possible.

As noted over at Talking Points Memo, Obama went 30 minutes without mentioning McCain once. McCain can't go 30 seconds without mentioning Obama.


  1. I sure hope you are right. But, I am so afraid of the next few days that I have a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    I don't know what this country will do if by some chance McCain gets elected.

    I think the whole world will think that we as a people have lost our minds and will deserve everything we will get. MORE OF THE SAME or maybe even worse.

    Ernie in Peoria

  2. I have a similar feeling in my stomach, Ernie. Every McCain Palin bumper sticker or yard sign I see adds to it. (Luckily our neighborhood is about 95% Obama signs!)

    I recognize this feeling from 4 years ago... but remain cautiously optimistic.


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