16 October 2008

Coming Soon: Content and the new old MyPorch

To my legions of fans starved for content, I hope to be get jiggy with it again soon. I am done blogging about the summer vacation, even though I only got through the first week. Having that hang over my head kept me away from even looking at MyPorch let alone writing anything for it.

More importantly I am going to take the gloves off again. For a while there, due to my new line of work, I took down some of the more incendiary political rants on MyPorch so as not to offend potential customers who may stumble across my blog. But now, eh, who cares. More soon...


  1. Yeah!! Finally the old MyPorch is coming back.

  2. GOOD! Looking forward to your take on things.

    Ernie in Peoria


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