12 July 2008

Bermuda Part I: St. George

We had a wonderful long holiday weekend in Bermuda. Neither of us had been there before and were really bowled over by how beautiful it is--and only 2.5 hours from DC by air. Right smack in the middle of the Atlantic this fish-hook shaped country is an amazingly picturesque place to spend four days. The re-insurance capital of the world, the island has plenty of money flying around with financial services outpacing a somewhat stagnant tourist industry. No doubt not everyone benefits from the prosperity. How can the middle or working classes afford housing in a country where the average home price is about $1.3 million? Although the island is starting to feel the pains of (over)development the style of the housing fits so pleasantly into the landscape it doesn't feel overdeveloped.

Unfortunately Bermuda has a spotty record on welcoming gay and lesbian travellers. Rosie O'Donnell's R-Family cruises dropped Bermuda as a stop when island churches threatened to protest the gay and lesbian cruise. Similarly a Bermudian was recently sentenced to 7 years in prison for attaching a gay resident with a machete to the face. However if you are not a gay traveler, but just a traveler who happens to be gay (i.e., you aren't looking for gay clubs, beaches, etc.), then you shouldn't miss out on this jewel of a destination.

The pictures here are of St. George on the eastern most tip of the island. It is a pretty little town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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