12 July 2008

All of the Womenfolk on iTunes

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At long last all of the Womenfolk's LPs are availabe on iTunes. I am happy that I was able to help get these recordings back in circulation. But bigger thanks go to the Womenfolk themselves and particularly to Babs Cooper, the feisty blond Womanfolk who really put the leg work into getting their recordings online.

And on the Womenfolk's MySpace page they have written a short history of the group and have included their own Bios.
You can read about The Womenfolk and WF related items here, here, here, and here.

I am REALLY sad to report that the fabulous video I have a link to elsewhere on this site has been deleted from the MySpace page where I found it. This is hugely disappointing. That makes the second video of the WF that have disappeared into the ether. Sigh.


  1. Okay Tom:

    Right up front I want to let you know that "The Womenfolk" is comprised of a highly individualistic group of women. So now-a-days, I’m playing it safe and only speaking for myself; here goes. Back in June of 2007, I was going about my daily routine when I got your first contact email which included a link to your blog. When I clicked on that link an important part of my own history flashed before my very eyes in the form of your "Tribute to the Womenfolk." It felt like I had been sleepwalking and this was the magic window (not to make a pun) that I needed to past through to finally wake-up; something like what Rip Van Winkle must have felt on awakening from his long sleep. A surge of excitement and energy ran through me that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. Your sweet "Tribute" to our group truly inspired me. The truth is, we were all kind of amazed by this turn of events; we really didn’t know there was an interest. As you know, from there we finally had the reunion we had been talking about for 10 years. And hopefully, there will be more to come, but I can’t talk about that, yet. Yes, our albums are up on "The iTunes Store" and at "Amazon.com/MP3 Downloads," as well. For me it was that surge I felt on opening that link that gave me the jump-start I needed to plunge forward and make our music available once again to everyone - at reasonable prices. And here’s where I’m gonna stick my neck out and say - I don’t think is would have happened without your energy and enthusiasm for "The Womenfolk". Thank You, Tom, you truly inspired me.

    Babs Cooper

  2. I was on one of my occasional searches for information on the Womenfolk, a group that I loved when I was young. My mother had the album with the song Rickety Tickety Tin on it and as a young child I played it till my family was ready to kill me. The album became so scratched up it was unplayable. I have been looking for years for the album without success, so you can image how happy I am to find it is now on Itunes. Just wanted to let you know this, and thank you for this blog post

  3. wow. I am another one of those people who searched periodically for these songs on iTunes --always without success. I could never figure out why they weren't there because they are great music. I was playing around with my new iPad and came upon a treaure trove of Womenfolk stuff that just was not there a few years ago. Thanks to all who made this possible! Martha


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