07 June 2008

California Part I: Seals!

We had a great time in Northern California last week. I want to write all about it, but I fear whatever gift of narrative I may have needs to be set aside for a less time consuming way of communicating my fond memories. So my posts will be a little scattered and uneven but I promise lots of photos.

First installment: Elephant Seals! These sleepy gals (and a few juvenile males) were on the beach just north of San Simeon molting. Taking a few weeks to lounge around while their old brown coat gives way to a silvery gray. Having grown up in land-locked Minnesota, I found the scene on the beach endlessly fascinating. The volunteer docent on the beach explained that the females and juvenile males hang out near Hawaii when not on the beach in California while the adult males go up to the Aleutian Islands. I guess they are good with long distant relationships.

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