15 June 2008

California Part IX: San Francisco

After several days exploring the coast, we headed into the City for two nights at the Fairmont and two nights staying with friends. Besides taking in "Sex and the City" the weekend it opened, we spent most of our time enjoying the lovely, cool weather and the fresh breezes--all the more glorious to us because we knew the hot, humid, polluted air we would be headed back to in DC.

The first two pictures were taken from the ferry on our way across the bay to Sausilito. (As much as we love San Francisco, we had to admit that Sydney Harbour is more impressive.) The third picture is taken from a residential neighborhood in Sausilito. The final picture is the de Young Museum.
Unlike DC, buses in SF are actually convenient and rather pleasant to use. Not to mention the fact that most run on electricity which makes for a much quieter bus.

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