01 February 2008

Someone On YouTube Likes the Womenfolk


  1. In 1964 at the age of 24 I was stationed on Shemya Island in the Aluetian Island Chain. I believe the Womenfold came to the island on a USO tour during that period of time. I could be mistaken but Maybe not. I would love to find some of there albums, does anyone know of a source????

  2. I remember the group well. They were one of my favorites. In september of 2001 I was touring canada and went into a used record shop in Barie, Ontario. The name of the place was Big John's. Run by a young fellow who looked too young to know much about this era of music but I was wrong about that. Anyway, I asked if he had any of their stuff and indeed he did. He was quite reasonable on prices too. I just made a feeble attempt to track him down on the internet but had no luck. Maybe your internet skills are better than mine. Good luck.


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