07 February 2008

Looking for the Womenfolk?

In 30 seconds when you are redirected to HOGGLESTOCK.COM use the search feature there to find this post.

If you are looking for information on The Womenfolk, look no further. You can read the original tribute here. To see what the surviving members look like you can click here.

Other Womenfolk related stories can be found here, here, and here.


  1. I finally managed to see the video, wow!!! They're awesome! And what is Amy Winehouse doing in there?????

  2. To Tanya:

    You're right Tanya. That does look like Amy Winehouse. But it's actually Jean Amos in 1964.

    Babs Cooper
    The Womenfolk

  3. Thomas, my name is Mike and I am the nephew of Joyce James of the Womenfolk. I owuld like to thank you on behalf of my family for the wonderful work you did on bringing back a little taste of some great music. I am fortunate that i can listen to the Womenfolk any time as i have made CDs from our family's record collection. my Aunt would be so tickeld to know that 40+ years later thier music is still appreciated. i recently located and emailed Lalah Simcoe (Judith Fine) and owuld love to contact other members to hear about my Aunt during those times. You can email me at mike.y911@comcast if you would like


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