17 December 2007

The Womenfolk Continued...

First some loser over at Askville.com uses the text of my Womenfolk Tribute without giving me any credit whatsoever. Then Martha Woodroof files a report on National Public Radio affiliate WMRA about the Womenfolk reunion without mentioning me--or even talking to me for background for her story. Now Jeremy Borden in the Charlottesville, Virginia Daily Progress writes a story and to his creidt, he does mention my role in reuniting the Womenfolk. But like Woodroof, however, he didn't bother to contact me for any kind of background information, or to fact check--anyone who has bothered to spend more than a few minutes on my blog can figure out that I am based in Washington, DC not New York.

I have no interest in being the center of the the Womenfolk story. I think they deserve the limelight at this point and would love to have their music reissued. But I am anal enough to be annoyed by how sloppy journalists are. The jerk over at Askville is just some anonymous yahoo on the Internet--although his plagiarism annoys me, I don't expect much more in that kind of forum. But Ms. Woodroof and Mr. Borden are getting a paycheck for their reporting. Are their employers getting their money's worth?