30 November 2007

The Womenfolk Reunite on NPR

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As I mentioned in my post yesterday, The Womenfolk had a little reunion a few weeks ago. Martha Woodroof of NPR's WMRA was there for the reunion. You can see pictures and hear the story here.


  1. Thanks so much for the interview. I discovered the Womenfolk on the Joey Bishop Show and they sang "Hey Nellie, Nellie" and "Ballad of Murder, Incorporated". I was hooked and bought all their albums. I have been hoping that RCA would re-release their stuff, as no longer have the vinyl.
    tom taylor
    timonium, MD

  2. I wore out their first album and the Internet has finally provided the rest of their ouvre. Ten years ago I sent my worn out album to a company to turn the tracks into MP3s. It's great to have even better copies, but I still have the vinyl. A great, groundbreaking group, over too soon.

  3. I have all the tunes now on my iPod, but I do prefer the vinyl.


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