25 May 2007

Shame on These Democrats

Some of you may remember my rant about DC's lack of voting representation in Congress. You may also remember how all legislation passed by the DC City Council is subject to the approval of Congress. Well this past week three Democratic Senators just couldn't keep their big noses out of our business. At different times they all put a "hold" on DC-passed legislation related to our school system.

Shame on Senator Cardin of Maryland for using a hold at DC's expense to make a point about what boils down to a land use issue. Shame on Senator Landrieu of Louisiana for using a hold at the request of the school board president--despite the fact that the schools legislation represented the political will of our elected City Council. But most of all shame on Senator Levin of Michigan for putting a hold on the legislation because he doesn't like the fact that taxis in DC use a zone system rather than meters.

Imagine if DC Mayor Fenty went to one of those states and put a hold on some of their legislation.

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