28 March 2007

Spinning an Idea: A Tax-Free Military

As the dreadful situation at Walter Reed and other military health facilities have come to light, more and more people are talking about the sacrifices that our military and their families are making in the course of their duty. This got me to thinking about how we value those Americans who are willing to put their lives on the line when their country asks them to.

It seems to me that these service men and women deserve more than the modest, perhaps even measly, salaries they receive for their service. Why not make the incomes of military personnel tax free? You would think with all of the handouts big businesses get from the government in the guise of tax relief, that the U.S. could easily afford giving military personnel a tax break. Of course it might mean that Exxon and friends won't get the tax breaks they so richly don't deserve.

And perhaps the tax break should be extended to all government employees whose jobs require them to risk their lives for the common good (e.g., police officers, fire fighters...) We talk a lot about supporting the troops (and the heros of 9/11 etc.) but we never seem to really back it up with action.

So what about it?